[Neo REGAINER] Privacy Policy

[Acquisition of user information]

This application does not acquire the personal information of users.

[Use of user information]

This application will not use the personal information of users.

[Provision of user information to third parties]

This application will not provide the user’s personal information to any third party.

[Advertising Tools]

This application uses AdMob (Google Inc.) as an ad serving tool,and AdMob may automatically acquire user information. Please refer to the application privacy policy of the ad-serving company for information to be obtained, purposes of use, and provision to third parties.

here for Google’s advertising policy.


No warranty is made that this application is fit for the user’s specific purpose, that it has any commercial value, accuracy, usefulness, or expected functionality, or that it will be free from defects.
In addition, we shall not be liable for any termination, modification, or unavailability of this application, loss of data or malfunction or damage to machinery resulting from the use of this application, or any other damages incurred by the user in connection with this application.

[contact us]

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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