A vertical scrolling shmups/NeoRegainer made with Swift

Introducing NeoREGAINER, a shooting game released on June 9, 2021. This is a 2D vertical scrolling shooting game with 6 stages, and it has GameCenter for IOS, so you can participate in the score ranking by signing in. This is the first shooting game I've developed using swift's Spritekit.

It was featured as a new game on the AppStore in July 2021!

This is a STG that specializes in touch controls that only smartphones and tablets can provide.
Use three different attack patterns to defeat all of the giant bosses in all six stages!

Single tap to move your ship and perform normal shots.
 Single tap to move your ship + regular shot. 5 levels can be enhanced by taking power-up items.
Swipe in a semicircle for a sonic shot!
 This shot is triggered by a tap gesture unique to this game.
 It is difficult to hit the sonic shot while avoiding enemy bullets, but you can get a high score.
 If you hit enemies in a row, you will get a combo bonus when you clear the stage.
Double tap for laser shot!
 When the laser gauge in the lower right corner is full, double-tap to activate the laser shot.
 It's powerful and makes your ship invincible, making it easy to clear the game.
 However, if you use it too much, it will be difficult to get a high score.

It is equipped with five layers of shields in addition to two stock of its own machines. One hit will not kill you instantly, so go for it.

Destroying enemies will generate a point ring. Points will be added to your score when you get them.
By destroying the rockets marked with "P", power-up items for normal shots will appear, allowing you to enhance your normal shots to five levels.

[Introduction of each stage]

STAGE 1 Sunset Area

From STAGE 1, a variety of enemies appear, including a mid-boss!

STAGE2 Marine Area

STAGE 2 features a turret that aims at your ship.

STAGE3 Urban Area

STAGE 3 is set in an urban area where humans once lived. Enemies that emit guided lasers appear!

STAGE4 Thunder cloud area

STAGE 4 begins in a cloud of flying lightning. After passing through the thunderclouds, you will enter the enemy base. Giant airships also appear!

STAGE5 Inside enemy base

STAGE 5 is a battle inside the enemy base. There are many indestructible blocks that appear, so avoid contact with them as you advance.

STAGE6 To the center of the base.

STAGE 6 finally reaches the center of the base where the last boss is!

Neo REGAINER, please give it a try!

[System Requirements]
IOS12 or later
iPhone/iPad support